Ling-Lin Ku

Originally from Taiwan, Ling-lin received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University, VA, U.S.A. In her work she hybridizes language and daydreams through what she regards as “assisted found objects.”


“My particular interest in (found) objects derives from my childhood experiences when I projected my imagination onto ordinary things encountered in my daily life, transforming them into my toys when my real toys were out of reach. An eraser became butter, a tape dispenser a snail…I had a magical time creating my toys.” Revisiting this kind of fantasy play allows her now as an adult to create complex visual puns frequently evident in her work.


By creating customized pedestals for her objects, she twists the “white cube” to extend into a kind of psychoscape, a playground for her objects as well as for the viewers.


Ling-lin’s work has been selected into several juried art exhibitions and received many awards including Award of Distinction, Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award, Phi Kappa Phi Award, Vikki Katen Scholarship, VCU Summer Research Grant. She currently lives and works in New York.


"I like suffering from my sculpture."